While the 2022 edition was still affected by restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, the festival will be back in its usual format in 2023.

According to the organisers of the Liaison Committee of Foreigners' Associations (CLAE), the Migration Festival is meant to be a place where people can meet, debate, and explore various workshops centred on literature, art, photography, and cinema. One of the aims is to offer a stage to those who are often overlooked.

This year's festival will once again feature conferences and debates on a wide range of topics.

Migration will, of course, be the main topic, according to Anita Helpiquet from CLAE. Among other things, the festival will include conferences on the new generation of Portuguese speakers in Luxembourg, the repercussions of the climate crisis on migration, and the role of networks in the African diaspora.

Visitors will be able to learn about political themes through interactive seminars, allowing them to participate in political life. Such workshops can be considered crucial for the upcoming local elections.

Alain Randresy, head of the festival, explains that the importance of voting is also reflected in conferences that discuss current affairs in other countries, such as the democratic struggle in Iran. The festival also hopes to encourage young people to develop a "global awareness" by offering workshops with video games "that make them understand the importance of making decisions as citizens, as members of a society, and not to simply subject to something."

The Migration Festival will also feature a stand where foreign residents can register on the electoral lists for the municipal elections using their LuxTrust Token.