Yes, temperatures in some school swimming pools have been "slightly lowered", confirms the government. But, this does not mean that the water is freezing.

Some people may have noticed: in some school swimming pools in the Grand Duchy, the water temperature has become a little cooler...

This is not just an impression, however: "As part of the government's call for energy savings, the water temperature in several swimming pools has been slightly lowered", confirms Minister of Education, Children and Youth Claude Meisch in his response to a parliamentary enquiry from the Alternative Democratic reform Party (ADR).

It can be noted that not all pools followed this recommendation in the same way. Some have not lowered the water temperature at all, others, such as the Edward-Steichen secondary school in Clervaux have even lowered it by 2°C (from 30°C to 28°C). The pools at Geesseknäppchen (26.3°C), Atert secondary school in Redange (26.5°C), and the Centre secondary school (26.7°C) show the coldest temperatures.

But, there is no reason to speak of "icy" water. Most of the pools offer water temperatures of around 27°C, which is the recommended temperature. "The feeling of thermal comfort ... is essential for the smooth workflow of educational activities. ... For primary classes, this sensation generally corresponds to a water temperature of 27°C and an air temperature of 24 to 27°C", explains Minister Meisch, citing a publication from the French Ministry of Education on this subject.

Finally, the DP politician pointed out that each school and each municipality was free to define its policy in regards to the country-wide energy saving strategy.