Police are still looking for two suspects in connection with two armed robberies in Strassen that occurred on 30 January.

An armed and masked person attempted to rob a shop on Route d'Arlon in Strassen at around 6.20pm on 30 January. Shop staff were able to make their way out and call the police.

The suspect meanwhile managed to escape and shortly thereafter, around 6.45pm, a second shop was targetted by two robbers - this time on Rue de la Chapelle. The suspects escaped in an unknown direction.

Initial information by the police suggests both instances involved two suspects, who are described as wearing black clothing, face coverings, and one of them wore a hat with red stripes.

Description of the suspect: The police are looking for a white male of regular build. He's around 1,66-1,70 metres tall and was wearing dark clothes and glasses.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the police via +352 24 460 111 0 or via email spj.rgb@police.etat.lu.