According to the latest police reports, several people were caught drink driving on Friday night, including one on the tram rails in Luxembourg City.

At 6am, a motorist was caught driving on the tram rails on Avenue de la Liberté in the capital. The woman had her license revoked for drink driving as a result.

There was also a number of other incidents.

Around 11.30pm, a woman crashed into two vehicles stationed at the side of the road in Sandweiler. Her license was revoked after she tested positive for alcohol.

An hour later, police in the capital noticed a car driving on the bus lane on Boulevard Royal. A subsequent check showed that the man behind the wheel was drunk, which is why officers revoked his driving license.

In Assel, police stopped a motorist shortly before 4am on Saturday for driving at 65 km/h in a 50 km/h zone. The man's alcohol test came back positive and he had his license revoked as a consequence.

Another motorist was caught driving the wrong way through a one-way street and ignoring a red light in Esch-sur-Alzette at 4.30am. Police revoked the man's license for drink driving.

Shortly after, police observed a motorist driving without lights between Capellen and Mamer. The driving license was revoked after a positive alcohol test.

And finally, police also revoked another driving license on Boulevard Joseph II in Luxembourg City overnight.