Meris Sehovic of the Greens told RTL the party plans to run with a single lead candidate for the national elections, with a further two candidates per district.

Sehovic, who is party president, proposes to submit the plan to the party congress on 25 February. Both the Green party leader and the parliamentary faction approved the plan earlier this week.

In an interview with RTL on Monday, deputy prime minister François Bausch expressed his support for this option and endorsed Minister of Justice Sam Tanson as his pick for lead candidate.

The lead candidates for the four districts will be selected in early March, Sehovic told RTL. A national leading candidate would be chosen from the list by the end of March.

Sehovic asserted that Sam Tanson possessed the qualities to run as lead national candidate and also embodied the party's values.

Choosing just a single national candidate is not part of the Greens' tradition when it comes to elections, as the party tends to opt for double leadership as per its statutes. However, the decision to select one lead candidate will only apply for this year's parliamentary elections.

The party will also adopt their framework for the municipal elections on 25 February.