Motorists beware! The right lane of the A13, between the Hellange and Frisange exits, will be closed until around 4pm on Tuesday to allow essential work to take place.

On Tuesday morning, the Roads and Bridges administration issued a warning of plans to partially shut the right-hand lane of the A13 motorway until at least 4pm.

The urgent works began at 8am, on a 4 kilometre stretch of the motorway between the Hellange and Frisange exits, direction Schengen.

According to the administration, the work is essential to repair holes forming on the road surface, in part exacerbated by the recent temperature changes, but also caused by the circulation of vehicles carrying heavy goods.

Traffic jams are to be expected as far back as the Croix de Bettembourg, depending on the volume of vehicles. A deviation is signposted via the N13.