A number of people were stopped on Thursday night for driving under the influence.

One such incident took place in Wiltz, where an intoxicated motorist crashed into a parked car on Rue des Rochers just after 7pm. Both cars suffered material damage, with the driver's car being completely written off. The man was taken to hospital and later had his driving licence confiscated.

In Hobscheid, a driver ended up crashing his car into the front garden of a house on Rue De Steinfort at 1.40am on Friday. Prior to the crash, he had succeeded in knocking down a village sign, as well as hitting a wall and a hedge. When officers approached him at the scene, the man became aggressive and tried to provoke a fight. He was taken to hospital with minor injuries and had his licence taken away.

A third drunk driver was stopped by police in Pétange at around 1am on Friday after driving erratically. He also lost his licence on the spot.