For the second time this week, fuel prices have dropped.

The price per litre of diesel fell by 7.9 cents on Thursday night. This means that from Friday, a litre of diesel will be sold at €1.549 – the lowest price in nine months.

Despite this price drop, diesel remains more expensive than petrol, the price of which is also decreasing: €1.45 per litre of SP95 (-5.5 cents), the lowest price of the year.

The same applies to SP98, which drops to €1.668 per litre (-5.1 cents). The price of SP98 has returned to where it was prior to the outbreak of the war in Ukraine.

Fuel prices in Luxembourg fell significantly this week as a result of the two price drops: -12.3 cents for diesel and -8.7 cents for SP95.

The government discount on heating fuel is currently -8.3 cents per litre, lowering the price of 10 ppm heating fuel to €0.98. The same is true for 50 ppm heating fuel, at €0.982 per litre.