Féduse, the trade union of secondary school teachers, issued a statement on Tuesday regarding a change in the final exams schedule for the 2022-2023 school year.

In its statement, entitled "Mr Meisch, respect for our profession looks different," Féduse expressed its bewilderment over a change in the final exams schedule for the current school year.

The Ministry of Education recently decided that some of the written assessments for the secondary school final exams will only be held after the Pentecost holidays, giving secondary school students a few extra days to study.

While this is a good thing for students, it also places a significant time burden on the teachers responsible for marking the exams, according to Féduse, which points out that there is a fixed date by which all graded exams must be submitted.

In the eyes of the trade union, the change means that teachers will have very little time to mark final exams, and as a result, they will also have limited time to adequately prepare their lessons for other grades. The trade union is disappointed that Minister of Education Claude Meisch appears willing to accept the "loss in teaching quality" that Féduse believes is an unavoidable effect of the change for students in the other six grades.

Féduse is perplexed as to why the ministry did not consult with teachers prior to making the decision.

Finally, the trade union made two demands: first, that the deadline for submitting graded exams be pushed back a few days, and second, that students write on single-page A4 copies with a special border rather than folded double-sheets to speed up the copying of exam papers for triple correction.