The official website for public petitions has just approved several new proposals that could lead to a public debate in the Chamber of Deputies.

These petitions now have six weeks to gather at least 4,500 signatures in order to be publicly debated.

Mobility is at the heart of the new proposals, including a halt to work on the tram route between Kirchberg and the airport because the petitioner thinks that the project "harms the environment." In addition, another petition calls for buses to be allowed to use the emergency lanes on motorways during rush hours.

One petitioner also calls for the privatisation of public transport or the return to paid public transport in order to "restore the punctuality of the various means of transport." The petitioner also demands the introduction of some kind of compensation in case of delays and that buses should have priority on new roads.

Another petition seeks to introduce parking spaces for pregnant women and families with children. Still on the subject of family matters, a petition demands the same tax class for parents who are separated but have alternating custody of their children.

Other petitions include a proposal for free public toilets and and an amendment to the Grand Duchy's law on inheritance tax.

Overview of all new petitions

2526: Better use of new roads by giving priority to buses

2528: For more punctuality in public transport / To privatise public transport or make it a payable service in order to have a better punctuality with compensation in case of delay.

2530: Amendment of the law on inheritance tax

2532: Stop the construction of the tram to the airport because it harms the environment

2533: Create a bus lane during rush hour on the motorways towards Luxembourg City by using the emergency lane

2536: Abolish paid public toilets

2537: Parking for pregnant women and families with children

2495: Same tax class for parents with alternating custody

2512: More family allowances instead of financing public childcare institutions