Environment minister Joëlle Welfring offered updates on the Superdreckskëscht audit during a meeting of the environmental commission, although CSV MP Gilles Roth deemed the updates insufficient.

The report did not satisfy all parties present, particularly representatives of the CSV opposition party.

MP Gilles Roth explained:

"We received a lot of information over the course of an hour, stating an international audit would take place, but the essential questions remain unanswered. For example, someone was meant to be looking at how best to optimise the invoicing, which for the most part is done manually, but this hasn't happened yet."

Opposition party Déi Lénk held a different view to the CSV. Myriam Cecchetti said the ministry had already carried out a lot of work and needed a chance to resolve the issue:

"They are in the process of getting the billing back on track, as it was not very transparent before. They are working on clarifying what is billed, how many hours are billed, with a distinct structure. I think it is going in the right direction, we just need to wait and see that this work is continuing as it should."

Minister Joëlle Welfring explained the issue would require more time, particularly in getting the new billing system off the ground:

"These things do take time. We want to do it properly and I think the work done over the past few months, since June, has led us here in order to present the project in detail."

Welfring also confirmed that a company had been found to develop the billing system and the contract was on the verge of being awarded by the Ministry.