The ADR has come to the conclusion that the trial and its verdict concern Roy Reding as a private individual, said party chairman Fred Keup in an interview with RTL.

After Roy Reding was sentenced to a one-year suspended prison sentence for fraud last week, the executive committee of the ADR held a meeting. They also discussed the case with Reding himself and came to the conclusion that the trial and its verdict concern him as a private person, explains Fred Keup.

It was him who was concerned and not the ADR as a party, Keup continues. It is also true that the substance of the trial has nothing to do with Reding's political mandates; it is a personal matter, he concludes.

In response to Roy Reding’s decision to appeal against the judgment, Fred Keup announced the party will apply the principle of presumption of innocence until the next judgment, and that the ADR have full confidence in the justice system.

Until further notice, the first instance judgement has no consequences at national level.

Roy Reding, on the other hand, resigned from the municipal council of Luxembourg City this weekend on the grounds that he no longer had the time or energy to fulfil all his obligations.

Following the resignation of Roy Reding from the city council, Marceline Goergen will take over.