Sunday saw a series of memorial ceremonies take place across the Grand Duchy to commemorate the sombre events which affected Luxembourgers in the Second World War.

80 years ago, the Nazi Gauleiter Gustav Simon introduced forced conscription to Luxembourg, forcing thousands of young Luxembourgish men and women to enter military service.

As a result, on 31 August 1942, Luxembourgers held a general strike, convening in Wiltz to resist the conscription.

2022 also marks 80 years since the Wannsee Conference, the meeting where senior Nazi officials decided on the systematic genocide of Jewish people, including those living in occupied Luxembourg at the time. Over the course of the war, seven deportation convoys bound for concentration camps left the Grand Duchy.

To mark the sombre occasion, Grand Duke Henri visited the National Solidarity Monument, also known as the Cannon Hill, to place flowers on Sunday. He then proceeded to the Memorial to the Victims of the Shoah and the Monument of Remembrance, more commonly known as the Gëlle Fra, for further ceremonies.