On Tuesday, environmental organisation Mouvement Ecologique is organising a workshop designed to help pupils deal with climate-related concerns.

How am I to feel about the climate crisis? Is there a point in worrying and getting involved in activism? Why are politicians not taking more responsibility? All these questions and more will be at the centre of a workshop organised by the environmental organisation Mouvement Ecologique on Tuesday.

Spokesperson Catherine Jacoby elaborated on the countless worries that young people in particular struggle with: "They question the point of still doing homework or studying for tests. They believe that the repercussions of climate change might be imminent and that they do not have a real future ahead of them."

Mouvement Ecologique thus invited psychotherapist Katharina von Bronswijk, an avid climate activist herself, to join Tuesday's workshop and help people deal with their worries.

Tanja Duprez also commented on the negative effect of these emotions: "People can block themselves or get worked up to the point of being unable to think about anything else, which is unhealthy. It is therefore important to address these feelings."

Pupils wanting to participate in Tuesday's workshop can register via email or online on the organisation's website. Everyone joining in will get a participation certificate.

On Monday evening, van Bronswijk will already speak at a conference open to the wider public.