On Monday, the government will once again test its emergency messaging system, this time affecting a limited zone in the north of the country.

The government's new emergency strategy, designed to warn the population of natural disasters or similar incidents, will be tested in the north of Luxembourg on Monday 3 October. People living in the municipalities of Bettendorf, Bourscheid, Colmar-Berg, Diekirch, Erpeldange-sur-Sûre, Ettelbruck, Schieren, and Tandel will thus receive a message with the following text: "LU-ALERT / ALERTE TEST / NO ACTION REQUIRED / AUCUNE ACTION REQUISE / KEINE HANDLUNG ERFORDERLICH / INFOS: GD.LU/LU-ALERT0."

People who just travel through one of the aforementioned towns on Monday will also receive the message. A joint statement from the Ministry of State, the Ministry for Home Affairs, and the High Commissariat for National Protection further underlines that delays are to be expected, meaning that people will see the message pop up on their phones at different times.

The goal of the exercise is to test the functionality of different warning channels, detect potential areas in need of improvement, and raise awareness among the population. The long-term strategy is to regularly test the warning system and prepare people for the eventuality of a natural disaster or industrial accident affecting the safety of the country.

Sirens will also be tested across the country today, as is always the case on every first Monday of the month.