From October onward, English-speaking individuals will be able to receive support from the confidential and anonymous helpline.

For 45 years, SOS Détresse has been a valuable resource for individuals in need of support. Whether you are in crisis, struggling through a difficult period, or simply need someone to talk with, a team of caring volunteers is there to listen via telephone or online chat. Support is currently available in the 3 national languages (Luxembourgish, French and German).

In order to offer more support, SOS Détresse has decided to expand their list of languages.  Beginning in October 2022, additional telephone support will be offered in English every Wednesday between 11am and 11pm. Individuals can call the helpline and seek support in whichever language they are most comfortable with.

If you are looking for support or simply want to know more about SOS Détresse, you can visit their website here in Luxembourgish, French, German, English, Portugese and Spanish.

Additionally, if you're ready to talk, you can always call their helpline at 45 45 45, currently available in Luxembourgish, French and German.