Some 60 accidents involving motorbikes were reported over the summer, with 16 riders suffering serious injuries, while eight lost their lives.

36 people suffered minor injuries in motorcycle-related accidents, according to a new police report which covers the period from 30 May 2022 to 31 August 2022.

Over 750 fines or warnings were issued to motorbike riders, while 120 lost points on their licence.

The incidents were categorised as follows:

  • 320 x speed or vehicle control violations

  • 60 x failure to wear a regulation protective helmet

  • 60 x offences related to vehicle papers or registration

  • 50 x exhaust (vehicle not fitted with a regulatory exhaust system or vehicle emitting noise exceeding the regulatory sound level)

  • 50 x violations of vehicle lighting, reflectors or direction indicators

  • 40 x failure of regulatory safety clothing on board the vehicle

In addition to the above, warnings were issued for various technical or parking infractions.