A Luxembourg based NGO, Riding the Rainbow's goal is to bring a light of rainbow to young refugees.

The initiative by Afrilanthrophy provides refugee kids in Luxembourg, and soon even beyond the borders of the Grand-Duchy with used bikes, instruments, sports equipment and much more. It's a place for people to connect, share experiences but also promote a better and sustainable world together.

On Wednesday morning Sam Steen of the Sam Steen Show on RTL Today Radio had the chance to meet and talk with founder Emanuele Santi about the project.

The idea emerged when Santi's posted two of his children's bike on Facebook for someone to pick up and a Ukrainian family came by. For the kids "it was just the gift of the life", Santi recalls in the interview.

"We were overwhelmed by the generosity of the Luxembourgish residents", Santi explains and soon the demand was so big that it has now grown into a large operation of over five garages full of bikes and other equipment. But not only has the operation grown, so has the community.

But the project does not end here: To reach even more people, Riding the Rainbow will launch a new app in an attempt to reach even more people. Via this new app, donating will be even easier. After registering the only thing left to do is post what you've got to donate to also bring a smile and light of rainbow to young refugee kids.

Do you have something in your basement, maybe an old bike, some sports equipment that isn't used anymore?

You will find more information on Riding the Rainbow's website, Facebook or their Instagram account, and of course by listening back to the Radio interview on RTL Play.