Police officers present at Echternach's "e-Lake" festival last weekend confiscated a fair amount of drugs while monitoring the site for safety purposes.

Police carried out checks around the festival area on Friday and Saturday evening.

Twenty officers, composed of staff from various regional departments, traffic police, criminal investigation officers and two dog handlers, carried out foot patrols and motorised security patrols.

A police stand was set up on the festival site to deal with any guest concerns. As part of the cross-border police cooperation, the Luxembourg police were supported by four German officers from Bitburg.

The following items were discovered and confiscated over the course of the weekend:

- 56 grams of cannabis,
- 27.59 grams of hashish,
- 7.5 grams of crystal meth,
- 25 grams of ecstasy,
- 16 ecstasy pills,
- small quantities of heroin and cocaine,
- 9 joints
-  €660 in cash

Police have filed criminal charges against the people found in possession of drugs.