It'll be a hot and hazy start to the day, with high clouds obscuring the blue sky above.

Clouds will become denser throughout the day, presaging the arrival of some light rainfall on Monday. Don't be surprised if there's a drop or two of rain in the evening. But literally that - any more and call the weather folk (guess that's us, huh?) to complain...

Temperatures will start off at 16-18°C, rising up to 33°C by the afternoon, and dropping ever so slightly to 27-30°C in the evening.

There's a yellow warning in place for southern Luxembourg between 1pm and 7pm due to high temperatures. The mercury should be at its highest along the Moselle.

There's also an air quality advisory out for ozone risk. Sensitive individuals such as the elderly, young children, and those with respiratory or cardiac conditions, should avoid intense physical effort outdoors between 12 noon and midnight.

Given the dry conditions, the government is also encouraging everyone to save water where they can.

Traffic check

The police have announced the following checks for today:

Safe travels!

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