A serious incident took place in Vianden on Friday afternoon, resulting in the injury of a child.

In circumstances which are yet to be determined, a child was knocked down by a motorbike on Route de Bettel, Vianden, at around 4pm.

Both the victim and the motorcyclist are said to have suffered injuries in the crash. At the time of writing, there were no details on their condition.

Fire fighters from Vianden and the Nordstad assembled at the scene, accompanied by the Ettelbruck ambulance and first responders.

Five other people injured on Friday

Four people were injured in a collision on the CR126 between Stafelter and Waldhaff earlier on Friday. Two cars collided around 12.35pm, prompting the intervention of two ambulances and firefighters from Niederanven.

Two hours prior to this, a motorcyclist was seriously injured in a fall on the CR167 between Hassel and Dalheim, requiring assistance from two fire fighter teams, an ambulance and first responders.