Click your way through a 3D model of the country, select different layers, or even print it at home.

Around 5,000 people per day use the Geoportal mapping service. Be it individuals checking if their house is in a flooding zone, administrations needing information about the solar cadaster or an architect working on a project - with around 800 different layers to choose from, the portal offers a vast panoply of geographic information about our country.

Now high precision 3D views have been added, with maps which are constantly evolving. 82 billion points in total were used to create the 3D model of the whole country, explains Jeff Konnen, head of the Geoportal service. Each layer can be shown or hidden individually, from topography, buildings and bridges, to vegetation.

Tom Wantzenrieder, geo-informatician by trade, is currently working on a 3D model of the motorway bridge in Hesperange, using a so-called 3D point cloud recorded by plane in 2019. His work requires a lot of patience: creating the model of the Tossenbierg bridge near Mamer took around five hours.

Any user can navigate through the resulting maps on the site, or even download the model and print it on their 3D printer at home.