Many will be driving to or through France this summer. But careful! A new vignette is now obligatory in parts of the country.

Introduced in 2016, the Crit'Air vignette aims to combat air pollution. Originally intended only for times of high particle pollution, it has now become obligatory for all vehicles in some cities and regions, Strasbourg being one example. This includes electric and hydrogen cars. It is recommended to buy it to have peace of mind, says Laura Garofoli from the ACL.

It can be purchased for 4.51 euros on the website of the French ministry for ecological transition, where you will also find a list of regions that have implemented it. It can take up to two weeks to arrive, so order it on time. However, should you not have received it, you can take the proof of purchase on your travels.

Being caught without it can cost you 68 euros, though in this early phase authorities may be more indulgent. Note that unlike the Swiss motorway vignette, this one does not have to be renewed every year.