Meteolux has issued a yellow heat alert and an air quality alert for Luxembourg on Wednesday.

The meteorological station in Findel forecasts elevated temperatures on Wednesday afternoon, which may range from 30 to 32°C in the south of Luxembourg. Temperatures are only expected to go down again around 7pm.

Another alert has been issued for air pollution, with ozone emissions predicted to exceed the threshold of 160 µg/m³ from 12am until midnight.

Ozone naturally occurs in the atmosphere, but can be considered a pollutant at low altitudes. It can cause irritations in the eyes and throat and trigger headaches or asthma in sensitive individuals.

Vulnerable people, such as the elderly or the very young, or those with lung conditions, should avoid going outside if possible. People who are susceptible to breathing issues should close the windows to their home during the peak of the ozone emissions in the afternoon, and only air out their homes in the evening when levels have subsided.