Five youths were arrested in the capital on Thursday evening for assault and theft after being caught in the act by police.

Officers from Bonnevoie, Hesperange, Hollerich and Luxembourg City collaborated on Thursday to arrest five young people suspected of having committed a number of criminal acts, including theft and severe assault, after catching them in the act.

During the subsequent investigation, two of the suspects were identified as having been involved in an assault shortly before their arrest, in which the victim was left with a broken arm.

Police conducted searches of the suspects' homes, locating a number of stolen items in the process. Two of the suspects, who are thought to be part of a teenage gang connected to violent crimes, were taken to the UNISEC secure facility for young people in Dreiborn by order of the public prosecutor.

The other three suspects are still under investigation. Police have asked any potential witnesses to the crimes to come forward if they have not already been in touch with the authorities.