Shortly before 10am on Tuesday, an accident involving several vehicles took place on the A3 motorway in the direction of Luxembourg City.

According to RTL sources, a lorry rear-ended a bus, striking another car in the process, between the Aire de Berchem service station and the Gasperich intersection. 12 people suffered injuries in the collision, 11 of whom were taken to hospital for treatment and check-ups.

Tailbacks developed almost immediately and affected the motorway up until the Bettembourg intersection, with slow traffic observed on the opposite lanes as well.

Traffic was disrupted for around three hours, with motorists left stranded in the blazing sun. One lane was reopened at around 11.30am, permitting cars to move slowly. However, police indicated the road could have reopened sooner if a number of motorists had not abandoned their vehicles in favour of walking to the nearby services.

traffic map