On Friday, the police carried out alcohol checks in Rue Principale in Schrondweiler and in Rue de Medernach in Larochette on the orders of the public prosecutor's office.

In Schrondweiler, the police pulled over a total of 208 motorists between 7pm and 8pm. Three drivers turned out to be inebriated and were fined. Four drivers were given warnings because their documents were not in order. One person lost their driving licence on the spot.

172 drivers were pulled over in Larochette between 9pm and 10pm. Four drivers were inebriated and were given fines. In Larochette, no driving licences were withdrawn but several drivers were fined or received warnings for driving without a valid licence or insurance.

Other cases of drink-driving on Friday night

The police withdrew another three driving licences in Junglinster, Schoenfels, and in Luxembourg City respectively because of drink-driving.