With the help on an interactive map, people can compare each of the Grand Duchy's municipalities in terms of their rates for existing and newly constructed properties.

As housing prices in the Grand Duchy continue to rise, our colleagues from RTL 5minutes have provided us with an interactive map to determine which municipalities have the most affordable prices.

When it comes to existing properties, the cheapest offers can be found in Winseler (€4,847 per square metre), Weiwampach (€5,387 per square metre), and Wiltz (€5,419 per square metre).

In comparison, the municipalities of Luxembourg City (€11,413 per square metre), Bertrange (€10,860 per square metre), and Strassen (€10,312 per square metre) enlist the most expensive rates.

In terms of newly constructed listings, the most affordable offers are in Weiswampach (€5,276 per square metre), Parc Hosingen (€5,746 per square metre), and Grosbous (€6,001 per square metre).

The highest prices can be found in Luxembourg City (€13,829 per square metre), Bertrange (€13,520 per square metre), and Walferdange (€12,510 per square metre).

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