On Wednesday, the Chamber of Deputies will vote once again to amend the current Covid law.

First the mask mandate on public transport was eased, now the 3G regime in hospitals and care homes is set to be removed from Luxembourg's Covid law. However, masks will still be mandatory in these establishments.

Sanitary measures in prisons and detention centres will also be eased.

In addition, newly infected people will have to isolate for just 7 days, instead of 10. People will require two negative rapid tests within 24 hours to leave isolation.

If MPs vote in favour of the amendments in the Chamber on Wednesday, the new law will be valid until 31 October.

President of the health commission, MP Mars Di Bartolomeo, told RTL that Covid was still very much present despite the easing of measures, and said they were not against adapting measures if required. He described the new law as "a suspended freedom sentence".