In a project approved on 21 June 2022, the plots will be offered at affordable prices without construction contracts.

In 2018, the municipality of Wiltz purchased a 5.5 hectare area, located above the future town district "Wunne mat der Wooltz". After four years of planning, 102 building plots, sized between 2.3 and 12.1 acres, will be created with the aim of constructing a high-quality residential area. Land prices will range from € 125,630 to € 575,225.

The "Op Heidert" project is being implemented in three phases. In September 2022, a first part of the land will be prepared, with a view to enabling housing construction to begin by September 2023. In December 2023, the next phase of construction should be feasible, with a third phase envisioned for March 2024.

Those interested should submit applications to the project's notary Thomas Feider in Wiltz before 20 September 2022. The necessary documents can be found on , or through contacting the notary or municipal council ( or by telephone at 95 99 39 84).

Only individuals will be permitted to buy the plots, which will be restricted to one plot per person or couple. It is possible to register interest in multiple plots, but applicants will have to indicate their preferred plot. People with connections to the Wiltz area will be given priority treatment.

Information meetings about the project will take place in Weidingen on 8 and 9 July.