A new agreement between the OGBL union, a staff delegation and the Breuniger fashion house will cover the 230 employees of the Luxembourgish clothing store Bram.

The negotiations took many months, following the buyout of Bram by German company Breuniger.  A number of adaptations were necessary to align Bram's processes with those of Breuniger.

The bonuses based on individual sales will be scrapped, and compensated by increasing the guaranteed bonus from 100 to 175 euros. To ensure the best salespeople are not disadvantaged, there is a budget for individual salary increases which can take place in consultation with the staff delegation.

There is also an increase of 25 euros per month for sales staff and 30 euros per month for non-sales staff included in the agreement.

The previous staff discount of 25% will be reduced to 20%, but can be combined with other discounts. An additional 10% discount is available each March and September.

Staff working Sundays and holidays will get an extra 15 minute break, and all employees are guaranteed 6 free Saturdays a year.

Lastly, the agreement arranges for an additional day off in 2022.