A number of Ukrainian refugees have been offered permanent accommodation in Heffingen.

Over 40 refugees were brought to Luxembourg by the Slava Ukrayini group around three months ago.

They were initially housed by local families, but this was not a permanent solution.

The charity's volunteers are therefore now looking for accommodation for the Ukrainians and were able to get access to a vacant house in Heffingen thanks to the support of others. Up to five families can live there, and three moved in on Tuesday.

Spread over two floors, there is a common area and individual rooms for everyone. The new lodging is an important step in giving the refugees more autonomy, says Julien Doussot from Slava Ukrayini:

"One of our first objectives is to offer them autonomy, find a house, live on their own and regain some normalcy, instead of staying with families. After three months this is getting a bit complicated for everyone."

The charity has already been sourcing furniture to fit the new home with basic necessities. The administrative part is taken over by the Red Cross. The first step is to ensure the house is fit for rental, says Lisa Koch from the Red Cross:

"The inventory has alreasdy been done. Someone has also checked whether the house is compliant with regulations, if it is large enough and appropriate for pets. Now we will go over the inventory again, check if anything is broken and document this to avoid any problems later."

While the refugees get financial aid from the government, aspects like insurance and fees are taken care of by organisations such as the Red Cross or Slava Ukrayini Luxembourg.

Currently the ASBL, led by Julien Doussot and Laurent Brochmann, is looking after around 50 people. Half of them have already been relocated to their own accommodation. Others are still reliant on people's support, says Brochmann:

"We are now looking to find solutions for the remaining people, so this is also a call to the population to let us or the Red Cross know if they have accommodation they could make available. I think it is encumbent on all of us to help people from Ukraine."

Slava Ukrayini is also still in need of donations. Further info can be found on their site www.slava.lu