Between 10pm and 8am, the A6 motorway section between the Helfenterbruck and Cessange intersections will be shut due to night-time maintenance work.

Maintenance work will be conducted on the power lines, which is why the A6 motorway section has to be shut on Saturday night.

Also affected by the road works will be the lanes leading to the respective motorway section.

Traffic from the A6 and A4 motorways, direction Arlon, will be redirected at the Cessange intersection via the A4, the N56, the N5A, the N5, and the Helfenterbruck intersection back to the A6 motorway.

Traffic from the A6 motorway, direction Gasperich, will be redirected at the Helfenterbruck intersection via the N34, the N5, the N51, the N4, the N56A, the A4, and the Cessange intersection back to the A6 motorway.