On Thursday, Luxembourg's head of state said he felt a strong attachment between Portugal and the Grand Duchy, citing his familial ties.

Grand Duke Henri said his lineage could be traced back to Portugal via great-grandmothers on both sides, and his wife's Cuban origins meant he felt wholly comfortable in Latin countries.

On the second and last day of their state visit to Lisbon, the Grand Ducal couple carried out appointments at several political institutions, as well as an emotional visit to Cascais.

The couple received a military greeting at the Portuguese parliament building on Thursday morning, meeting with the President and MPs, before proceeding to have lunch with Prime Minister Antonio Costa. Some 130 Luxembourg businesses were also represented during the visit.

The royal couple then proceeded to Cascais, which brought up emotional memories of the past for Grand Duke Henri. In 1940, his grandmother, Grand Duchess Charlotte, was forced to flee Luxembourg with her family in the wake of the German invasion, and spent some weeks at the Casa de Santa Maria on her way to the United States.



The Grand Ducal family's ties to Portugal, as well as the strong relations between Luxembourgers and the Portuguese community, particularly in turbulent times, was marked by the exhibition "Portugal et Luxembourg, pays d'espoir en temps de détresse".  The exhibition was launched in the Grand Duchy in 2020.

This week marked the second state visit to Portugal in 12 years for the royal couple. An unusual occurrence in itself, the visit has caused some to question whether Grand Duke Henri will conduct a third state visit to Lisbon in the future.

Leschten Dag vun der Staatsvisitt a Portugal
Fir déi groussherzoglech Koppel war dës Staatsvisitt déi zweet bannent 12 Joer a Portugal.

Images from the trip