Summer might not have officially begun just yet, but the forecast for the coming weekend promises temperatures more suited to July than May...

The weekend ahead is promising in terms of barbecues or outdoor activities, with temperatures of up to 28 degrees predicted by Meteolux in parts of the Grand Duchy.

The next couple of days are set to be free of showers, but may dramatically change at the start of next week as storms roll in on Monday afternoon. However, conditions will stay warm at around 23 degrees.

Fortunately, the stormy period is forecast to end on Tuesday, with temperatures climbing to 25 degrees, albeit under cloudy skies. By Wednesday, the sun should return and hotter weather with it, climbing as high as 27.

In exceptionally hot weather, people are reminded to take care to hydrate well and protect skin from prolonged sun exposure. Vulnerable people should have plenty of water and stay in cool, ventilated areas where possible.