The TADIAM programme, aimed at supporting addicts for whom methadone is insufficient, was launched in Luxembourg five years ago.

The programme is designed to help users avoid overdoses, while providing stability and redirection with a view to overcoming addiction. Participants are required to visit the "Jugend-an Drogenhëllef" (youth and drug support) centre in Luxembourg twice a day to collect their substitute treatment.

Results so far are motivating, said officials on Thursday. The programme therefore could benefit from expansion and decentralisation, with plans to expand to Esch-sur-Alzette in the future.

25 people are currently participating in the programme. In total, TADIAM has assisted 66 participants, 41 of whom halted treatment for a number of reasons. Some graduated the programme when they were sufficiently stabilised to continue on methadone-focused treatment, while others could no longer keep up with the twice-daily visits after finding new employment and/or accommodation.

Currently, the heroin substitution programme “TADIAM”, which stands for Traitement Assisté à la DiAcétylmorphine (diamorphine-assisted treatment) is available in just seven countries.