After two years of online pandemic editions, the 2022 Octave pilgrimage returned to the Notre-Dame Cathedral for an opening Mass in the presence of 600 people.

The Octave marks one of Luxembourg's most significant annual religious celebrations and honours Our Lady of Luxembourg, the patron saint of the Grand Duchy.

During a period of two weeks, people from all over Luxembourg make a pilgrimage to the statue of Our Lady and participate in masses at the Notre-Dame Cathedral in the capital.

This year, Father Théo Klein will take over the role of Octave preacher.  As a theme for the 2022 edition, he chose 'the Beauty of Faith'.

Father Klein elaborated that beauty speaks to all of us and that it always leads to love: "And the source of all beauty is God. God is not only good and true, but also beautiful. And we should all learn to recognise the beauty in our lives, in our human relationships, and in our own hearts. And understand that faith is something beautiful too."

Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich appointed Father Klein to be the leader of this year's Octave pilgrimage. Cardinal Hollerich was also present during the opening Mass and reassured people who are concerned about the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, and who are no longer able to see the beauty in life.

He noted: "We are no longer living as we should be. We live from day to day, but we often miss true and deep happiness here in Luxembourg. I hope that through the Octave, Jesus can open our eyes to the beauty of life."

The Octave pilgrimage will last until 22 May. The traditional market has been set up at Place de la Constitution.

Video report in Luxembourgish

Den Optakt vun der Oktav
Déi knapp 600 Still an der Kathedral waren um Samschdeg am Mëtteg bal all besat