Students and personnel of Heidelberg university are still under shock after the tragic shooting which killed one.

A gunman wounded three people and killed one in a lecture hall at Heidelberg University on Monday, before killing himself.

Heidelberg is popular among Luxembourg's students, with around 350 currently enrolled at the uni. Luckily, none of them were injured during the incident.

RTL spoke to two of them, Felix Minette and Charel Karier from the Association of Luxembourg Students, about the atmosphere in Heidelberg.

They weren't far from the site when it happened, and although they were not impacted, they are still grappling with the situation. "You always hear about these things, but you [can't imagine] that it would happen 50m from where you are sitting," says Charel Karier. "I didn't hear the gunshots, but it still frightens you, you can't think about anything else for the rest of the day."

Felix Minette noticed the helicopter hovering over the area. "It is not remarkable for helicopters to arrive at the university hospital, but this one kept hovering in one area, so we thought, they seem to be looking for someone, let's stay inside the library."

Heidelberg is generally considered a safe town, so such an incident certainly leaves a mark, Charel concluded.