An entirely new residential district is taking shape in Belvaux, with 90 houses and as many apartments under construction since 2018.

The project focuses on living arrangements, no commercial spaces have been set up in the area. The National Society for Affordable Housing's (SNHBM) has further set the ambitious goal of building an additional 300 housing units over the course of the year.

The demand for apartments is steadily climbing each year, both in terms of renting and buying. More and more people are filing demands with SNHBM, but patience will be necessary. Prices mostly depend on whether people intend to use an apartment for living or renting.

Housing opportunities are also being constructed in Niederkorn at the moment. 30 single-family homes and eight apartments are in the making and destined for sale, while two apartment buildings will be rented out.

In 2021, SNHBM oversaw the construction of close to 1,100 apartments.

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