Representatives from the Federation of Automobile Distributors and Mobility (FEDAMO) gave a presentation on the upcoming festival on Monday.

This year's edition of the annual festival will last from 24 January until 5 February with an open Sunday in between both weeks. Car dealers will have to implement safety concepts and there will not be any food on offer.

2021 was equally as challenging for the sector as 2020 when the pandemic first started. The microchip supply issues have significantly affected delivery times for new vehicles, which means the number of new registrations decreased even further. It is now back to the rate of 2007 and 20% below the one from 2019. However, electric vehicles increased in popularity last year, making up a third of new registrations.

FEDAMO now demands that the government increases its efforts in terms of providing the necessary infrastructure for electric vehicles, as well as prolong their subsidisation beyond 31 March this year.