The cold winter months can have detrimental affects, both on refugee camps as well as on private homes.

Unicef has been active in Syria for the past ten years. Millions of children are concerned by the dramatic situation in the country, fighting conflicts, weather, and the pandemic all at the same time. Experts estimate that at least five million children and their families are threatened by poverty.

Unicef Luxembourg has now issued a call for donations. However, the organisation pleads that people donate money rather than clothes.

Spokesman Paul Heber explained that this is a more efficient way of getting people what they need: "It would take too long to ship clothes from here and in the end, children may end up without a suitable choice. Instead, we buy in large batches from close locations to get people what they need as fast as possible."

Aside from winter clothes, donations will be used to invest into local education, another important area in need of support.

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Done fir d'Kanner a Syrien fir Wanterkleeder an Educatioun
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