The giant steel structure currently under construction beside the A3 motoroway between Gasperich and Bettembourg is the bridge of the new CFL line to Bettembourg.

Numerous workers and technicians have been putting the impressive arched structure together over the past two years. When it is finished, it will allow trains to run directly from Luxembourg to Bettembourg.

Around thirty welders and other steel workers have started giving the bridge its final shape this November. The works are expected to take another year. After this, the bridge will be slided over the motorway. Currently, this is planned for "late 2022", with the motorway closure scheduled in October 2022.

Once in place, the bridge will be around 200 meters long and 18.5 meters wide. Most impressive is its height, however, measuring 40 meters from the bottom deck to the top of the arch. It will be "one of the tallest metallic rail bridges in Europe", CFL proudly states on its blog.