Parliamentary debates continue on Thursday following the Prime Minister's State of the Nation address on Tuesday.

Suite Debatten an der Chamber / Reportage Monica Camposeo

Xavier Bettel's speech earlier this week targeted the country's housing crisis in particular, announcing plans to increase certain taxes, among other things, in a bid to add more affordable housing. However, CSV MP Gilles Roth expressed doubts over the property tax and speculation tax proposed by the premier, saying that as mayor of Mamer, he knows a land tax would not suffice to solve the housing issue - instead, he said he viewed it as a method of fair taxation.

The opposition party supports a tax on speculative property, but said the term requires more precise definition. A tax on vacant housing is one thing; but a tax on speculation would make more sense.

The LSAP's Yves Cruchten addressed MPs next, moving on to the new Covid law and discussions of pressure on non-vaccinated people. A number of MPs have received communication from constituents over the past few days from people opposing more restrictions as part of the new Covid law. Cruchten, who is the LSAP party president, said all opinions should be considered, whether he agreed with them or not, prior to the vote on Monday.

CSV MP Marc Spautz addressed the issues of introducing the CovidCheck at work, and spoke of continuing lack of clarity for other employment problems. He said he was aware of situations in which people hoped to return to full-time work from furlough or part-time work, but their employer could no longer offer it. Spautz said the Covid law should incorporate a right to return to work for employees in this position.