A moratorium on forest trails means no new paths or tracks can be developed over the next two years.

This does not affect the planned construction of cycleways, say ministers Dieschbourg, Bausch and Fayot, and only applies to public deciduous forests. This in a reply to a parliamentary question by DP MP Max Hahn.

If a planned national cycleway goes through a protected forest area or threatens a biotope, an environmental study is done. This must be requested at the Ministry of the Environment, in line with the nature protection law.

As for tree logging in public deciduous forests, this will not exceed 80,000 cubic meters of wood, following three exceptionally dry summers.

This leaves us under the total of 120,000 cubic meters originally set as a target.

The ministers explain that the reason for the lower logging volume is that many sick trees have had to be removed in past years, and the sylvan ecosystem should be allowed to recover.