Saturday turned out to be a busy night for the Grand Ducal Police.

Around 7.20 pm, a police patrol wanted to check a car stationed in Route de Longwy in Rodange. They noticed that a tyre was missing and that the driver was still sitting inside the vehicle. Officers found that the man was drunk and he promptly behaved aggressively towards them. A quick enquiry showed that the man was already serving a driving ban, which is why he was arrested and presented to an examining magistrate.

Shortly after 1 am, police encountered a car stationed at the side of the A6 motorway near the Aire de Capellen, direction of Belgium. The car lights were switched off and the driver was asleep to the point where officers struggled to wake him up. The alcohol test came back positive and a fine was issued.

At 3.55 am, police found another driver sleeping behind his wheel, this time in Rue Notre-Dame in Luxembourg City. The car engine was still running and the driver's alcohol test came back positive. During the check, the man insulted the officers and accused them of racism while yelling in the streets. Since he was barely able to stand, officers took him to a cell to sober up. His license was revoked.


Around 3 pm, a car crashed into a pump at a petrol station in Esch-sur-Alzette. Both passengers suffered light injuries, while the station was evacuated and closed off out of precaution.

Around 4 pm, a group of nine motorcyclists were driving on the N27 near Erpeldange-sur-Sûre when one of them collided with an oncoming vehicle during a left turn. The man was seriously injured and the road had to be closed off while the scene of the accident was investigated.