The ADR party is "astonished" following the announcement by the Ministry of Health that it would participate in the International Safe Abortion Day next week.

The party does not consider abortion to be a universal right - except in cases of emergency - because it were "the death of an unborn child", it states in a press release.

For the party, it remains unacceptable that women abort a child because they are forced to do so for psychological, material or financial reasons. That is why the ADR pleads for free contraception.

Regarding the Matic Report, which was adopted by the EU Parliament in July and considers abortion as a human right, the ADR believes that the freedom of conscience of medical personnel must be upheld.

This means that they do not necessarily have to participate in abortions if they do not want to.

Abortion is therefore not a human right for the ADR, but an act in an emergency.