Some of you may (incorrectly, even indefensibly) prefer the term "fall." Whatever you want to call it (autumn), it's here.

The weather won't change much from the last day of summer, though. If anything it will in fact be slightly better. The low-hanging clouds that floated about our skies yesterday will be moving spaceward (up, in this instance) and are now high altitude clouds. It could also be that it's an entirely different set of clouds - I don't really know. Either way, the clouds that are here will be high up in the sky, closer to space* than the ones we had yesterday.

Morning temperatures of 10-12°C will rise to 17-19°C in the afternoon, falling back to 12-15°C come evening.

*They will, technically, only be closer to some space, which is the space above us. That's the space we usually refer to as space, as that's what we can see. The clouds will however be further away from the space below us, on the other side of the planet, unless my understanding of how space and distance works is very badly flawed.. which is entirely possible. 

Traffic checks

The police have announced the following checks for today:

Safe travels!

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