Shortly before midnight on Friday night, the police received reports of a car driving in the wrong direction on the A1 motorway towards Germany.

Just before the border in Wasserbillig, the driver crashed into the trailer of a lorry. After the alcohol test came back positive, the police confiscated the individual's driving licence on the spot.

Another driver was caught jumping a red light near Pont Adolphe in Luxembourg City at around 1.30am. Their driving licence was confiscated after a breathalyser test came back positive.

At around 2am, a visibly inebriated driver was pulled over in Käerjeng. Upon enquiry with the French authorities, it turned out that the driver was no longer in possession of a valid driving licence. The vehicle was seized.

Police confiscated another four driving licences between 3am and 5am on early Saturday morning, namely in Rodange, Esch-sur-Alzette, and Luxembourg City.