Sirichai Kiesch was one of Europol's most wanted individuals, originally sentenced to 20 years in prison for killing an elderly woman in Eppeldorf in 1999.

However, during an official leave period, Sirichai Kiesch managed to flee the country and was on the run for almost two decades.

The search for the fugitive lasted 16 years, before he was finally identified and detained in Punta Umbria in Spain, where he had started a new life.

Last Friday, a court in Madrid ruled that the presumed culprit should be released because he was a minor at the time of the murder. Sirichai Kiesch turned 18 a day after killing the elderly woman. There is no possibility for appealing the decision.

The Luxembourgish prosecution released a statement to officially take notice of the decision, but underlined that the ruling fails to be in accordance with the national penal system.

Last year, Spanish authorities decided that Sirichai Kiesch would not be extradited to the Grand Duchy, but rather serve his ten-year sentence in Spain. However, he has now been released from prison.