The Luxembourgish branch of the non-governmental organization issued a statement to demand that the government's pension fund no longer invest into fossil fuels.

Greenpeace draws attention to the recently published IPCC report and therefore urges Minister of Social Security Romain Schneider to realign the investment strategy of the pension fund with the goals of the Paris Agreement. The organisation further demands that investments into fossil fuels be completely stopped: "The government's credibility is on the line."

Myrna Koster from Greenpeace Luxembourg commented on the situation: "In the year 2020 we saw an increase of investments into dirty coal. However, 47% of Luxembourgish residents do not agree with this."

The Greenpeace statement also criticises the frequency at which the pension fund is to be checked for its CO2 intensity: "While the current administration appeals to people to actively combat climate change, the fund itself escapes all responsibility."